Moving Forward

All Aboard Washington and other interested parties are still working diligently on moving the Restoration of the Pioneer forward. Please keep checking back with us for the latest updates on our progress. We thank C.B. Hall for his years of effort on the project and wish him best in his future projects.

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  1. For years I rode the Pioneer up to My Gramma and Grampa’s house in Greeley. Although this portion may not be restored I would love to see the Pioneer make a come back although it may take time to restore portions of it. One of my late friends – Curtis L. Katz – Loved it when he worked the Pioneer train and either one direction or the other would take the Empire Builder. This was the same concept as he explained to me with the LA Crews who worked the Desert Wind and the Chief. I can say that the Pioneer was a great comfort even on those late nights when I would ride home to Denver on a Sunday or Holiday weekend. I had seen they proposed a line that would go down through Fort Collins from Cheyenne which would hit a much more populated area of the Front Range but also might be much slower than the last route they had. Either way it would be nice to see it make a come back. – Todd Taylor – THE [email protected]

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